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The College Expo Evening provides prospective students and their parents the opportunity
to see students participating in classroom activities, broader school activities and view the
work of Key Learning Areas. There will also be time for parents to speak to teachers and
current students. A Principal’s address will be held in the College Library and guided tours
will operate throughout the afternoon and evening.



College Tours

Guided tours of the College take place each Wednesday morning at 9.30am and are a great way to familiarise yourself with the College’s facilities, environment and culture. The tours are approximately an hour long and take place during class time so that you can see our students and teachers in action. This is also an opportunity for parents and students to ask questions.

Each year, tours of the College are also conducted to coincide with the Year 7 Transition Program and Parents/Guardians of prospective students in Grade 5 and 6 are invited to attend. Please note that these tours are Year 7 specific and run from March to May.

Currently there are no scheduled bookings at this stage. Please contact the college on 9390 3130 or by filling out the below form to make a booking:

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