At Taylors Lakes Secondary College, we aim to provide a safe and supportive community of life-long learners where respect, diversity and success are valued, and where students and staff are encouraged to reach their full potential both within the College community and beyond.

Our motto Learn and Achieve Together, encapsulates our belief in students, staff and parents working cooperatively and collaboratively together to provide every opportunity we can for students to reach their potential.

We strive to meet our core values of Respect, Commitment and Safety. Respect for each other and our environment,Commitment to each other and to all that we do and Safety for self and each other in all that we do at school.Student health wellbeing pic

The College has a strong commitment to the care of all students. All students have a Homegroup Teacher whom they see at the beginning of each day at a form meeting. Home group teachers are the first point of contact for students and staff regarding student Health and Wellbeing issues. They refer students with ongoing or significant Health and Wellbeing difficulties to Year Level Coordinators. There are two Year Level Coordinators for each Year Level. They refer to Student Wellbeing teachers where appropriate and communicate necessary information to classroom teachers regarding supporting students experiencing Health and Wellbeing difficulties.

The Student Health and Wellbeing Team, overseen by an Assistant Principal and consisting of the Student Health & Wellbeing Leader, Student Wellbeing Coordinator and Student Wellbeing teachers provides support and counselling and/or referral to external services for students who self-refer, or are referred by staff or parents. The Student Health & Wellbeing Team is supported by DET Student Support Staff including psychologists and social workers.

The team also works with an Adolescent Health Promotions Nurse to develop and implement curriculum through the Homegroup and Health and Physical Education curriculum. Student Health & Wellbeing Team liaise closely with feeder primary schools to gather information to support the transition of students from primary to secondary school who may be experiencing wellbeing difficulties.

At Taylors Lakes Secondary College we believe that students need to attend school regularly in order to gain maximum benefit from their schooling. Regular attendance enables students to access a comprehensive education, enabling them to reach their full potential.

We have a dedicated leading teacher who oversees attendance and an additional attendance officer who follow up on student attendance and work with students and their families to provide necessary support to maximise student attendance. At the College we record attendance for every class, every day; we monitor student attendance patterns and regularly review progress; alert parents where a child’s attendance is putting them ‘at-risk’ of not meeting college attendance requirements and support parents in encouraging their children to go to school each day.

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