Strategic Direction

In 2013 we completed a school review and have recently launched our new Strategic Plan for the period 2014-2017. In summary this plan focuses on the following goals. The college will be undertaking a review in 2017.

Student Achievement

To further enhance student achievement outcomes through the ongoing development of a quality 7-12 curriculum and assessment system

To enhance teaching practice through a continued growth in the College Professional Learning Culture with a primary focus on classroom instruction

Student Wellbeing

To further develop and enhance a broad range of strategies to support the wellbeing and individual needs of all students across the college, with particular attention to transition points.

Student Engagement

To further develop and enhance student connectedness to school through strategies that engage students in appropriate curriculum and co-curricular programs.


To provide effective resourcing structures to support achievement of improved student outcomes.

In order to achieve these goals we identified 5 Key Improvement Strategies which underpin this plan

  1. Further develop and fully document a high quality year 7-12 curriculum and assessment system
  2. Establish a framework of expectations of all staff with a primary focus on classroom instruction and supporting this framework with appropriate and timely professional learning.
  3. Enhance opportunities through curricular and co-curricular programs and further develop strategies to engage families in supporting high expectations for student learning with a focus on attendance.
  4. Develop and implement a whole school model to address and support the health and wellbeing needs of individual students
  5. Create a comprehensive set of procedures and strategies to optimise communication across the College community including staff students and families and the broader community

A fully detailed copy of the School Strategic Plan is available on request.

Following the development of our Strategic Plan we have refined our Annual Implementation Plan (AIP) for 2017.


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