Aims of the program

  • to maximize options for students to excel in their studies
  • to extend and challenge students in their learning
  • to provide opportunities to commence VCE studies at an earlier stage and as a consequence to open up options for accelerated university studies whilst in their final year at school.
  • to increase pathways beyond school through strategies to maximise study scores

 From sound educational research we know that high achieving students learn best when;

  • they mix with students of similar academic abilities
  • the learning is tailored to their ability levels and interests
  • when there is not a lot of repetition
  • when their teachers understand their social and emotional needs
  • teachers have specific training in gifted education

Program Structure

LEAP structure for website

The Selection Process

This process includes a range of sources

  • Testing – using the HAST test. Testing is undertaken in early May
  • Students Interview
  • Parent Feedback
  • Primary School Feedback      


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